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How to be
a Happy Priest

I have been an ordained Roman Catholic priest for more than 50 years. I can tell you, and many who know me will tell you, that I am a happy priest. The reason I am happy is because I feel fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Although now in the practice of Christ’s holy priesthood for over 50
years, I still look for more opportunities each day to reach out to others for the good of their souls and for the glory of God.


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No Applause for
Abraham Lincoln

At eleven o’clock on the morning of November 19, 1863, a vast, silent multitude billowed, like the
waves of the sea, over what had been not long before the battlefield of Gettysburg. Americans, by the thousands, from every walk of life were gathered to hear President Lincoln and Edward Everett, the famous orator of the day.

No Applause For Lincoln

Dating Is No Monkey Business  - What is the purpose  of dating?

It is good and wholesome to have friendships with both sexes. The dating of one person, or courtship, under all circumstances, should be directed toward developing a deeper friendship with one special person to determine whether they are compatible to an eventual life-long marriage together.

Dating in no way gives a person the right to any sexual activity before marriage. While the couple is to help one another retain purity, the young man is to be the protector of the young lady, and that including, from himself.

Dating or courtship is a discernment period to discover compatibility between two persons who may one day be one's wife or husband for life. In discerning the right helpmate for life.
Dating Is No Monkey Business

A Christian Family Outreach  is sending tens of thousands of pamphlets on various subjects free of charge.

Christian Family OutreachHave you been waiting for God to send someone to solve all the problems that we have? Well, it has finally happened. God has actually sent someone and this person didn’t even realize that he was the one being sent. Christian Family Outreach is happy to inform everyone just who this person is. Are you ready? All you have to do to find out is to go to any mirror and you will see who it is that God has sent into the world to solve all its problems. Yes, it is you with all your imperfections and shortcomings, all your doubts and heartaches, all your sins and transgressions. Yes, God has sent you to solve the problems in your world, the world He has placed you in. God has sent us at Christian Family Outreach to help you with this great and noble endeavor by making available to you, free of charge, these little pamphlets.

What Has Happened to Femininity?
Let’s Give Johnny a Big Hand
How Should I Dress For Mass and Adoration?
Why only 30% Believe
The Victim
Everyone is Going to Heaven 

The Working Mom 

Teen Mass 

Loving Obedience 

As I See it (Atheism) 


Heresy in Actions 

The Veil
Problems in the Church #1 - Fear 

Dating Is No Monkey Business
Financial Choices 

Problems in the Church #2 - No More Tears 

If They Believe They Will Never Leave 

No Applause For Lincoln 

Spirit of Poverty 

How to be a Happy Priest 

Children Sacrificed By Career 

Isn't It Crazy 

When Father Is Not The Head 

\Jumping Fences 

The Ten Commandments 

Submission Revisited 

The Mother 

The Evil In False Compassion 

A Good Pair of Glasses 

FATIMA: THE FACTS by Fr. Robert J. FoxNew Pamphlet
- FATIMA: THE FACTS by Fr. Robert J. Fox

There have been requests to clarify the facts of the Fatima message. Did the Pope and Bishops really consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? Was the entire third part of the Fatima Secret as written by Sister Lucia revealed by the
Vatican in 2000 AD? What actually happened at Fatima during the 3 apparitions of the Angel - and the 6 apparitions of Our Blessed Mother? What happened to Sr. Lucia after she entered the Convent of the Dorothean Nuns and the Carmelites? Did she have more apparitions after entering the Convent? What are FIRST
SATURDAYS about? WHAT IS THE COLLEGIAL CONSECRATION requested by Our Lady of Fatima?????

You may contact Christian Family Outreach at

Christian Family Outreach
558 P.R. 131
Franklin, LA 70538
(337) 836-9454
Published: Christian Family Outreach
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What Has Happened to Femininity?What has happened to Femininity?
Can you remember way back when young ladies looked and acted like young ladies? When mother and daughter went to buy clothes, it was lace and frills with which they returned home. When dad would sit and admire the young daughter who, in a very graceful manner, would turn for him to admire the beautiful apparel that she so proudly wore. When dad, with fond memories of days gone by, would comment on how much she reminded him of her mother back in their courting days. Can you remember when baby dolls and tea sets played a big part in the lives of young girls, as well as sewing machines and toy stoves for make-believe sewing, baking and cooking?

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Free 10 commandmentsThe Ten Commandments -  Now, the commandments have to do with relationships. The first three commandments have to do with our relationship with God. The next seven have to do with our relationships with other people. So let’s talk about the first three and our relationship with God. The first one says to have no other gods beside Me. What happens when our priorities are out of order? What happens if money, or work, or alcohol becomes our god? It brings loneliness, pain, sorrow, or disillusionment into our lives. We end up separating ourselves from the ones who love us, we become lost. We are unhappy. The second commandment says to not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain. . .When we lose reverence and respect for God, it creates a hole in our hearts and we end up losing respect for ourselves. We end up with a very empty feeling, a feeling of deep loneliness

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